We will be working at the following events.
RoleDate Venue Event
Laser Show 25/11/2017 The Med The Reunion
Laser Show 26/11/2017 Factory Theatre Go Out
DJ 1/12/2017 Kinsellas Friday Night Bears
Lighting Installation 2/12/2017 Arq Vortex +therapy
Laser Show 2/12/2017 The Ivy Ministry of Sound Club ft. Vini Vici
DJ & Lasers 9/12/2017 Arq Vortex TBA
Lighting Installation 9/12/2017 ARQ Arena Pump
DJ 15/12/2017 Kinsellas Friday Night Bears
Lighting Installation 22/12/2017 Sly Fox Jack The House
Lighting Installation 23/12/2017 Arq Vortex +therapy
DJ 29/12/2017 Kinsellas Friday Night Bears
Lighting and Sound 31/12/2017 Headquarters Barcode
Lighting Installation 25/1/2018 Burdekin Honey
Lighting and Sound 3/2/2018 Portugal Madeira Club Club Arak
DJ & Lasers 1/3/2018 The Club Rezerection
Lighting and Sound 1/3/2018 Headquarters Barcode
Lighting and Sound 2/3/2018 Headquarters Locker Room
Laser Show 2/3/2018 Enmore Theatre Ignite 2018
Lighting and Sound 4/3/2018 Headquarters Barcode